The Complete Buying Guide to Handbags

Women carry so many things on their handbags that sometimes I think we better use weekend trollies. We have our wallet, agenda, mobile, make-up, perfume, pills, tissues, cookies, a mirror, car keys and house keys, bag for grocery maybe, sometimes a pair of walking shoes and an umbrella, I mean, why do we always need to take our house with us? Well, the fact is that you never know when you might need that certain article…usually what happens is that exactly in the day you decide not to take that, you realize you should because you needed it. This happens, really! it happens to me a lot every time I switch handbags, I always miss something I didn’t touch for half a year but that day.

Besides knowing that you need a handbag that will carry all your stuff, you should also consider that it is part of your outfit. You don’t want to appear at a party with a backpack, do you? Just to let you know, they won’t let you in. So, what do we need to know so that we can have the full pack, t allows us to take all with us with a closed zip (so meaning that nothing is falling while you’re walking because it is so full), make you look gorgeous and trendy and also, very important, keeps your back safe, not jeopardizing your health.

First you need to consider your body type. If you’re 1.5 meters tall you probably don’t want to wear that XXL bag, it will make you disappear. You’ll also need to think about functionality. Is it for you to carry your laptop only, for a night at the disco, for the daily walking to the mall, think about that and also choose how your everyday bag should be. Is a Hobo bag enough, or maybe better to get a doctor’s or shopper bags?

If you’re buying online, you should search for the ones that have size and measures, just not to take the risk of buying something that when it gets to your house, seems like a Barbie doll bag. Also pay attention to color and material. Often the pictures mislead you into a wrong idea. The shoulder drop size is also very important as for sure you don’t want to carry your bag all day in your hand just because you can’t make it fit your shoulder.

If you thought that a handbag is just a bag, after reading this you have understood that is not that simple. For you to feel at ease and good you need to consider these tips to make the better choice for you. At least think it this way, it is worst for guys as they need to keep their wallets in their pockets and if they have the flue or need to wear glasses, they have to put it all in their hands, most of them still don’t use bags, even if masculine models, don’t know why, it would make their lives easier. Can it be they don’t want to become like us and start taking all their gadgets too?

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