Plus Size Fashion Tips

Several decades ago, it was hard to find clothes if you were above the small range of sizes offered by major manufacturers. Fortunately, these days the plus sized market has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only are clothes available in larger sizes, but they are actually designed to enhance a plus size figure.

There are several current trends in fashion that work well for
curvy, fuller women. The trends displayed on the runways for this fall as well as for next spring were very plus-friendly. Try to incorporate some of these design details into your clothes, and look for them in your favorite plus size stores.

For Fall/Winter
Bows and ultra feminine touches - Overstated bows, ruffles and other feminine details showed up on the runway on shirts, skirts and jackets. Look for bows that don't overwhelm the piece of clothing. Ruffles and other flowy styles are perfect for a soft touch.

Pencil skirts - This popular style can work for most people, even though it's fairly form fitting. Certain interpretations of this design aren't appropriate for plus sized wear. Look past the skin-tight skirts in bright colors and look for solid-colored wool skirts.

Shift dresses - Shift dresses fit everyone, no matter what their size. They come in different variations, so look for an A-line dress to show off your legs, or a longer length with a belt to emphasize your waist.

For Spring/Summer
Ruffles - These soft details continue to be important in spring fashion. They suit plus sized body shapes perfectly since they conceal bulges and bumps.

Pink, white and grey - These colors showed up in a lot of different collections for spring. Gray looks great with most skin tones. Look for pieces that are shimmery and that have feminine details. Last spring's fuchsia has softened this season to a muted, lipstick pink. You can incorporate this trend by adding a colored sweater or other accessory. White dresses were popular on the runway, but you can get the same impact from a fitted white top and a gray skirt.

Embellishments - Whether its beaded necklines, cross-stitched hemlines or sequined belts, embellishments are going to be a big trend in the spring of 2009. These are easy to incorporate into plus sized styles. Choose pieces that highlight your best features and you'll be wearing clothes that are trendy and figure-flattering.

Sheer fabrics - There was an abundance of sheer fabrics used on the runways this season. If the thought of transparent fabric scares you, you should know that sheer doesn't always have to mean see-through. A lot of designers are using sheers layered over lined fabrics. You can use a lined sheer top underneath a short blazer or a shrug sweater.

Medium-sized floral prints - Last year, it was all about big and dramatic flower fabrics, which aren't all that flattering to plus sized figures. This season, you're in luck. The trendy florals this spring are from a muted palate and are proportioned just right for the curvy woman. Look for these prints in dresses, tops and skirts. 

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