Top 10 Fashion Tips on a Budget

Given the current financial and economic crisis it is already considered 'cool' to be thrifty. It would be better to show off something you purchased at a great price but still has great quality rather than wearing branded clothes that cost ten times as much. The term 'fashionista' has now evolved to 'reccesionista' this would pertain to individuals who can keep up with the difficult times but still look hip and

1. Call your friends for a clothes party swap

Have you ever found your best friend's outfit cute? Has she ever complimented you on the little black dress you wore the last time you went out? Then you and your friends can throw a clothes swap party! It is both fun and you don't spend on anything! Just gather your girlfriends and tell them to bring the clothes they don't wear anymore to swap with another and to make things a little more interesting, each item that your guest will bring will entitle them to a coupon that they can use to swap for another girl's clothes she no longer wants.

Just remember that when making your invitation list, make sure to invite girls of the same sizes so that they will have someone to swap with.

2. Swap for cash

Another option is to swap the clothes that you just earned from your clothes swap party or other clothes you no longer wear for cash; you can go to your nearest designer clothing exchange and swap the clothes for money. They will usually pay you a percentage of what they earn, or maybe even offer you a better deal.

3. Cheaper by the dozen

Given the current recession it would probably be a good idea to visit the cheap shops around town. Remember, not making just one purchase from an expensive branded store can mean being able to buy more in other stores. You should not worry about quality and trends since shops like Primark and Matalan have great prices for trendy fashion pieces.

4. Marks and Spencer/Oxfam

If you have old pieces of Marks and Spencer cluttered in your closet that you don't wear anymore you can take them to the nearest Oxfam shop and they will give you a £5 Marks and Spencer voucher for free. Although you will still have to spend £35 or more, the voucher can be used for clothing, home wear and even beauty products.

5. Catchy accessories

Choose jewelry that are catchy and can spark a conversion. A piece of jewelry can look really classy but not necessarily have the price tag of an expensive piece of jewelry.

6. Know where to look

There are a number of great finds out there, signature shoes and bags are available at half the price in thrift shops and other stores if you know where to go. Of course unfortunately the mall is not the place to go for budget shopping.

7. Know when the sales are

Knowing when sales are going to be held is valuable information. They are usually held in January and June and it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on when your local department stores will be holding a sale. You can save a lot of money when you buy clothes and accessories during a sale.

8. Prioritize your wardrobe and accessory choices

Go for classy and not trendy, chances are trendy pieces although they may be 'in' at the moment, they could easily go out of style the next season. So purchase classic pieces that never go out of style and you can wear them at any time or during any occasion. A classic white top, black skirt and leather boots will always be in style and will always have heads turning your way, just think of how many times you can wear that outfit and still look glam? Just mix and add a few accessories and you would have saved a fortune but still looked great.

9. Have a budget for your clothes and accessories

Make sure that you set aside a budget for your clothes, shoes and accessories. Everybody has a budget for that and if you can cut out on a few things, such as your daily Starbucks routine or your weekly visit to the pub then you can have more for your budget to spend on clothes.

10. Do it yourself-grooming

All the fashionable and trendy pieces in the world would be worthless if you are not clean and neat with your body. The cute top you bought at a discount would not keep people from staring at your bushy eyebrows. The adorable shoes you bought at that sale would not be able to fully shine if you have dirty feet and toes with cracking nail polish.

So make sure you are always neat with your body as well, but that does not mean you have to spend a lot in a parlor to be looking clean, you can get your girlfriends together for a little good old slumber party mani-pedi. You can even tweeze each others' eyebrows and you can have your own little spa at home.

Looking great does not have to mean you spend a lot, you just have to know where to go and what to look for.

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