Men can liven up their wardrobe with a few Accessories

Accessories for men can greatly improve a man's outfit and create a positive style statement, but are not always top of the list when building up their wardrobe. In this article I will discuss the benefits of using men's accessories such as; ties, cufflinks, belts, socks, bags, wallets, watches, hats, scarves, underwear and gloves.

Accessories are a great way to add style and personality to an outfit without overdoing it. A lot of men's clothing is quite simple and classic, and so it is not easy to
stamp your own personality onto your clothes. Because accessories are quite small e.g. cufflinks, it is possible to choose more dramatic pieces without dominating the whole look. For this reason, there is vast range of accessories available for men for every occasion and personality. Accessories are also a great way to introduce colour into your clothes, without creating a lurid outfit.

Another benefit of using accessories is their versatility, because one accessory can be matched with a whole variety of different outfits. In addition, swapping over an accessory on the same outfit will create a whole new look. For example a basic suit and shirt can be livened up with a jazzy tie and crystal cufflinks, whilst it can be perfect for work with a power tie and classic cufflinks. Accessories are relatively inexpensive, even from the designer brands and therefore are a very useful style tool for men.

Most fashion houses have a large range of men's accessories to choose from. Popular accessory brands for men include Ted Baker, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss and D&G. Most brands have a core range of accessories they carry from season to season, as well as a range for the current season. In fashion, there are 2 collections a year; Autumn/Winter and Spring Summer. Accessories though are not hugely seasonal, and so will not go out of fashion quickly. An online men's accessories store, Herbert Jones, offers the full range of accessories from the designer brands.

Belts are available in two types; dress belts and casual belts. Dress belts are thinner, have a less obtrusive buckle and tend to have a shiny leather finish. Casual belts on the other hand are thicker, have a matt finish and can have more creative buckles. It is important to always wear a formal belt on a suit. Ties can add some much needed personality and colour to a suit and shirt. Ties mainly vary in colour and pattern, but also in width. Skinny ties tend to come in and out of fashion, although kipper ties haven't been in fashion for some time. Cufflinks are a great way to add glamour to your outfit and are available in a wide range of styles from crystals to coloured enamel to novelty cufflinks. Socks are not the most glamorous accessory, but still must be considered. A watch is a great way to add some detail to an outfit, and is usually the only piece of jewellery a man owns. Bags for men have increased in popularity over the past decade, as the messenger bag has become a fashion item.

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David Cole has worked for the past 4 years in the luxury goods market, having put together various websites. He has published on the website, on blogs, and press releases many articles relating to luxury goods. He has recently put together a website called Herbert Jones which focuses on men's fashion and accessories. David has an interest in men's fashion, having grown up in the men's fashion business. He is also a trained designer, and spends much of his spare time drawing and painting.

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