What Clothes To Wear For Your Body Type Part Two - Styles For The Hourglass

The hourglass shape includes a balanced figure with a small waist and broader shoulders and hips. Hourglass shapes are all sizes, some with less curve than others. Finding the right clothing styles for your hourglass shape is the key.

If you have an hourglass body, don't be afraid to show your curves, they are very feminine. As far as clothing styles go, your body type can wear almost all clothing styles, yet there are some "no-no's" that I would like to cover. Choosing the right clothing is the key to having a flattering look. Use the guide I have set up to help you see what clothing styles will flatter your body, and which ones to stay away from

Tops and Jackets:

Scoop-neck and V-neck tops are excellent for you. Along with wrap tops and tops with belts that cinch at the smallest part of your waist. Turtle necks are generally not your friends, but rather stick to the medium to low neck tops. Try to stay away from too much ruffles and frills at the hem of your tops, they may cause you to look proportionally off-balance. Vertical stripes on the other hand are your friends for they have a way of showing off your waistline. Tops that are fitted and flowing are great for they show off your curve. If you are sensitive about different parts of your body, try finding clothing that both flatters your hourglass figure and you are comfortable in such as slightly looser and very flowing tops. All jackets that are longer than your waistline are great; especially ones that are cinched or tied at the waist. Single breasted and jacket with simplicity are also a great look for you; they will also give you a thinner look. Try to avoid batwing tops, smocks and baggy clothes for they will make you appear larger verses complementing your figure.

Skirts and Dresses:

When it comes to dresses, you can wear all dress types. The things to stay away from are actually over doing the beading, embellishments and patterns which might make you appear off-balance. Flowing fabrics are still one of the best choices. If you are a little shorter, a slit in the skirt will give you a taller appearance. Empire styled dresses give a leaner look. Pencil skirts and A-line will greatly flatter your figure. If you are more sensitive to the fit of those skirts, try skirts that are flowing and have more flair at the hem to help balance you. When picking lengths for skirts and dresses, try not to pick a length that ends at the thickest part of your legs, but rather something longer; this will keep you from looking shorter and thicker. Long, three-quarter and knee-length are a great length for you.

Pants and Belts:

Wide leg pants and trouser style pants are great for you. They will make you look taller and slimmer and really complement your figure. As for jeans, slightly flared and boot-cut are very flattering. Yet for those who prefer tight and skinny jeans, try to balance them with a top that draws your attention upward. Avoid bagging pants, but rather choose ones that fit your hips well and that have smooth lines. Dress slacks that fasten off to the side are another great look. Wearing knee-high boots can help balance your hips and shoulders. Belts are always a plus; especially thin ones. Wear them at the smallest part of your waist to define your curves. They go with everything; jackets, dresses, tops, skirts, etc. When finding a belt, try to choose one that is "low-profile" as to add just a touch of style to your outfit. Remember that simplicity can be best.

Other Facts:

Try to avoid stiff, heavy, and bulky material. Rather, soft, clingy and flowing materials will accentuate your body. Wearing fabrics that are too bulky can cause you to look bigger than you are. Rather, strive for flowing materials, tasteful and flattering styles, and simple accessories.

A common problem for women with an hourglass figure is that they tend to choose clothing that not only hides their curves, but that in turn makes them appear larger than they are. So when choosing clothing, search for clothing that is flattering to your body, is slimming, and is comfortable. There are clothing options to make your shape slim while accenting your curves in a flattering way.

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